Conservation Planning

What is Conservation Planning and how is it different than PNDI Environmental Review?

Pennsylvania Conservation Explorer allows users to access conservation planning information without having to log in with a username and password. Here, users see locations of natural heritage areas, protected lands, high quality water resources as well as other conservation lands. Users can also generate a Conservation Report for use in landscape level planning or project specific assessment.

Both Conservation Planning and PNDI Environmental Review use web-mapping tools that allow users to search locations of (and potential impacts on) rare species and habitats; both produce reports used for planning and/or permitting. The difference is, Conservation Planning queries locations of natural heritage areas and protected lands while PNDI Environmental Review analyzes project footprints against species locations and recommends conservation measures and other actions needed to fulfill the requirements of a permit. PNDI Environmental Review requires registration and login. Anyone, including non-registered users, can access Conservation Planning by clicking Map.