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DCNR Wild Plant Regulations Finalized
Saturday Dec. 22, 2018, DCNR’s plant regulations will be published in final-form in the PA Bulletin. Monday Dec. 24, 2018, plant statuses changes will be implemented in the PA Conservation Explorer according to the regulation update. A total of nine plant species are being added to the regulation, nine are moving from a lower classification to a higher classification, two species are moving from a higher classification to a lower classification, and 31 are being removed. There are 79 plant name changes, within the classifications (no classification changes). There will be 22 fewer classified species as a result of this regulation change. No significant changes should be experienced by PNDI users. This rulemaking was proposed on Nov. 28, 2017. More information about the plant regulation changes can be found on DCNR’s website: https://www.dcnr.pa.gov/Conservation/WildPlants/RareThreatenedAndEndange...

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Conservation Planning: The Explorer allows users to access conservation planning information without having to log in. Here, users will see locations of natural heritage areas, protected lands and high quality streams. Users can prepare a conservation report for use in local planning or project specific assessment. Click here for Conservation Planning.

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