Environmental Review

What is PNDI Environmental Review and how is it different than Conservation Planning?

To access Pennsylvania Natural Diversity Inventory (PNDI) information for environmental review purposes, users must register and log in. After logging in, users can view the same information as in Conservation Planning, but they will now see PNDI species or community habitat information.  After viewing this information in their project area, users can screen their project for potential impacts to PNDI species and resources, and they can obtain a PNDI Receipt with conservation measures, avoidance measures or next steps for further review.

Both PNDI Environmental Review and Conservation Planning use web-mapping tools to search locations of (and potential impacts on) rare species and habitats; both produce reports used for planning and/or permitting. The difference is, Conservation Planning queries locations of natural heritage areas and protected lands while PNDI Environmental Review analyzes project footprints against species locations and recommends conservation measures and other actions that may be needed to fulfill the requirements of a permit. PNDI Environmental Review requires registration and login. To access PNDI Environmental Review, first log in (see dialog box on the right) and then click Map.

PNDI Receipts: Users who require a PNDI receipt will pay $40 per project using a credit card. If you are a federal, state,or local government employee who must create PNDI receipts as part of your job, you may qualify for exemption. Click here to apply for exemption.

Users can opt to submit their project for review offline free of charge. Applicants must coordinate with all four jurisdictional agencies regardless of potential impacts on species. For instructions, click on Submission Form.

To learn more about the fee policy, click on Fee Policy