Editing a Project Footprint


Step 1. From the Project Page, select 'Edit/View Shape'.

Edit View Shape

The Map will open zoomed into the project area.

Project Footprint

Step 2. Click on the 'Edit Project' button to begin editing the project footprint.

The Draw/Edit Tool bar appears.

Draw Edit Toolbar

Step 3. Use the drawing and editing functions to modify the footprint of the project.

Edit Footprint

Once you are finished editing, click the 'Accept' button

Step 4. Click on the 'Submit for Pre-Analysis' button to run the analysis.

You may be required to answer questions depending on the results of the analysis.

Step 5. Click on the 'Submit' button to generate a new version of the receipt.

You will receive an email notification when the receipt is generated. The new receipt will appear at the top of the Projects Review Results table. Note the “_2” at the end of the new receipts file name, indicating this is the second version of the draft receipt.

Project Review Results