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Create a Project – Using Drawing Tools

Create a Project – Using Shapefile/Resource

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Each of the following scenarios represents a typical procedure that you might need to carry out using Conservation Explorer.  Describe the steps you would take to complete them. Note: there may be more than one answer.

  • Example Scenario 1: Customer needs to locate his/her area of interest on the map to draw the project footprint.  Answer:
  1. Click on Find address or place box.
  2. Type a place name or address, example Harrisburg, PA.
  3. Press Enter.
  4. Click on the “x” to clear the search and remove the marker.
  • Scenario 2: Customer needs to add a resource to the map and select a feature from the added resource to generate a PNDI receipt and a conservation planning report.
  • Scenario 3: Customer needs to modify the footprint of an existing project.
  • Scenario 4: Customer needs to turn on/off the satellite image and zoom to various map scales to verify a project location.
  • Scenario 5: Customer needs to query a list of parks, zoom to the park of interest, select the park, and edit the shape to create a project footprint with one or more parts.
  • Scenario 6: Customer needs to be able to change Information in his/her profile.
  • Scenario 7: Customer needs to determine how many Class A streams are within 25 miles of a Bald Eagle State Park using a spatial search. 
  • Scenario 8: Reviewer needs to locate a project using filters, e.g., project type, title, ID, date, contact name, etc. 
  • Scenario 9: Reviewer needs to view project footprint on the map, add notes to a project folder and email info to the applicant.