Updates and Enhancements

The PA Natural Heritage Program (PNHP) is pleased to announce several enhancements to Conservation Explorer in July 2017. The Explorer provides access to biodiversity information and visualization of natural resources, natural heritage areas, and species of concern.

Be sure to log in and explore the new and improved features at https://conservationexplorer.dcnr.pa.gov/. Here’s a sampling of what you will see:

Uploaded Files – If a user uploads a document as an attachment to a Final project, any agencies with potential conflicts will receive an email notification. This improves agency response times.

Avoidance Measures – A new checkbox lets users indicate if they cannot comply with an avoidance measure. If they check the box, a notification email will be sent to any agency that included an avoidance measure on the receipt.

Reminders – If a draft project has not yet been finalized, the draft receipt displays a friendly reminder. Similarly, if a customer tries to finalize and submit a project that requires uploaded documents (attachments), the application displays a reminder.

Draft and Final Receipts—The application does a better job of distinguishing between Draft and Final receipts.

Zoom to Area of Interest—Zoom levels default to 1:18,056. This can reduce the effort required to locate an area of interest.

Map Services—The map viewer supports adding non-secure (http) map services without requiring any browser adjustments, e.g., PAMAP services.

AMEX—The Explorer now accepts American Express for payment.

Payment Receipts—Improved payment receipts for all charge card transactions.

Enhanced Measurements on Draw Toolbar–The draw toolbar now provides accurate project dimensions and acreage while a user is drawing a project.

Spatial Bookmarks – Users can bookmark locations on the map. These bookmarks are saved by the application and allow users to quickly return to an area of interest.

Point and Line Buffers— Previously the Conservation Explorer automatically added a 10-meter buffer to points and lines. Now the user can specify the buffer size.

Other Usability—Buttons and tabs have been added or modified to be more intuitive and improve general work flow and user experience.