Wild Plant Management Permit Holders

This list displays contact information, experience, and area of interest in conducting botanical surveys for active Wild Plant Management Permit holders who have paid the permit fee and agreed to have their information shared on this website. DCNR does not recommend any individual or company over another.


Natalie L. Shearer


Geosnytec Consultants, Inc.

Marquis Corporate Center 2, Suite 150, 5313 Campbells Run Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15205


I have 15 years of botanical survey experience throughout Pennsylvania, with a focus on southwestern PA. In addition to botanical surveys, I have conducted plant mitigation and monitoring projects. I attend the PA Rare Plant Forum every year and I attend the PA Botany Symposium every other year. I attend the plant trainings as often as I am able and I train other ecologists in my office on plant identification, especially on wetland delineations.

All of PA


Scott L. Martin, Professional Wetland Scientist (PWS)



1129 West Governor Road, Hershey, PA 17033


Over 17 years of botanical experience including the successful observation and reporting on 70 rare, threatened and endangered species across Pennsylvania. Listed as a USFWS Pennsylvania Field Office, Ohio Field Office, and West Virginia Field Office Qualified Running Buffalo Clover Surveyor; USFWS Pennsylvania Field Office, Virginia Field Office and West Virginia Field Office Qualified Northeastern Bulrush Surveyor; and USFWS West Virginia Field Office, Individual Qualified to conduct surveys for Small-whorled Pogonia. Experienced conducting environmental investigations in Alabama, Connecticut, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, Virginia, West Virginia, and military installations for private clients and utilities, public authorities, local and state governments, and federal agencies.

All of PA


Jeffrey A. Pusateri


JMS Civil Engineers

615 5th Avenue, Coraopolis, PA 15108


Research and field survey for Scutellar saxatilis and Ratibida pinnata.

West; Southwest PA


Christopher Sawyer


Stiffler, McGraw and Associates, Inc.

1731 N. Juniata Street, Hollidaysburg, PA 16648


Demystifying Pennsylvania's Violets, Dr. Harvey Ballard, Associate Professor and Herbarium Director and Curator of Vascular Plants, Department of Environmental & Plant Biology, Ohio University, November 7th, 2014 PA Botany Symposium, State College, PA, Speakers:  Dr. Chris Martine, Dr. Tony Reznicek,, Dr. Harvey Ballard, Dr. Jim McGraw, Dr. John Kartesz, Lugene Bruno, Dr. Don Davis, Dr. Jim Finley, November 8th, 2014Identification of Grasses, Sedges, and Rushes, Canoe Creek State Park, Pennsylvania Native Plant Society, Instructor:  Sarah Chamberlain, Botanist and Acting Curator of the PSU Herbarium, July 9th and 10th 2015Regional Supplement to the Corps of Engineers Wetland Delineation Manual Classroom and Field Seminar, Hollidaysburg, PA, Pennsylvania Association of Professional Soil Scientists, Instructors: Frank Plewa, USACE, John D. Chibirka, NRCS Soil Scientist, July 15th and 16th, 2015Regional Supplement to the Corps of Engineers Wetland Delineation Manual Classroom and Field Seminar, Hollidaysburg, PA, Pennsylvania Association of Professional Soil Scientists, Instructors: Frank Plewa, USACE, Yuri Plowden, Stephan Dadio, and Laurel Mueller of PAPSS, August 7th and 8th, 2017

Northeast; Northwest; Northcentral; Southwest; Southcentral PA


Patrick Green


GeoTech Engineering Inc.

4031 Allport Cutoff, Morrisdale, PA 16858


5 plus years of wetland delineations (50+ wetland delineations)Richard Chinn certified in wetland delineations4 plus years of botanical surveys and reportsActive Member of Botanical Society of Western PennsylvaniaPrevious Botanical Reports and Surveys completed for the following listed species:- Trillium stoloniferum (Running Buffalo Clover) - new populations found- Isotria medeoloides (Small Whorled Pogonia) - wild populations observed - Clematis virona (Vase-vine Leather-Flower)- Stenanthium gramineum (Eastern Featherbells) - wild populations observed- Aplectrum hyemale (Puttyroot)- Trillium nivale (Snow Trillium)- Erythronium albidum (White Trout-lily)- Iodanthus pinnatifidus (Purple Rocket)- Symphyotrichum drummondii (Hairy Heart-leaved Aster)- Trillium flexipes (Declined Trillium)- Galium Labradoricum (Labrador Bedstraw)- Calamagrostis stricta (Northern reedgrass)- Spirea virginiana (Virginia spirea)- Scirpus ancistrochaetus (Northeastern Bulrush)- Juncus torreyi (Torrey's Rush)

West; Northwest; Northcentral; Southwest; Southcentral PA


Aaron S. Clauser, PhD


Clauser Environmental, LLC

1915 Leiby Lane, Kutztown, PA 19530


I have conducted botanical field surveys and mitigation work related to plant species of special concern for over 12 years. That experience includes identification of plant communities and species, field surveys to locate species of special concern, GPS/GIS mapping, report writing, and avoidance/mitigation consulting for populations proposed for impact. My botanical training started early while earning the Eagle Scout rank and when I was captain of a National Envirothon Champion Team. My formal botanical education includes work completed as part of my PhD at Lehigh University in Environmental Science and as part of my B.S. from East Stroudsburg University in Environmental Studies/Biology.

All of PA


Kenneth M. Klemow, Ph.D.


Wilkes University

Biology Department Wilkes University, 84 W. South St., Wilkes-Barre, PA 18766


Ph.D. in plant ecology, SUNY-ESF, 1982.  Botanist at Wilkes University 1982-present.  Curator of the Rosenthal Herbarium at Wilkes.  Teach courses in Plant Diversity and Field Botany.  Extensive field experience in Pennsylvania, focusing on the northeastern region of state.  Owner of consulting company that conducts rare plant assessments and wetland delineations.  Expertise in vascular plants in general.



Kyle Filicky


Civil & Environmental Consultants

333 Baldwin Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15205-1751


Mr. Filicky has 9 years of experience conducting rare, threatened, endangered, and species of special concern surveys, habitat assessments and monitored populations for the manufacturing, mining, oil & gas, power, real estate, and public market sectors in accordance with state and federal protocols throughout PA, OH, WV, KY, NC, and MI. Along with conducting botanical surveys, he has led vegetation monitoring for mitigation bank monitoring, Vegetation Index of Biotic Integrity (VIBI), invasive species surveys, and species inventories. Mr. Filicky is a current Pennsylvania Wild Plant Management Permit Holder and a Pennsylvania United States Fish & Wildlife Service approved surveyor for Small Whorled Pogonia (Isotria medeoloides), Northeastern Bulrush (Scirpus ancistrochaetus), and Running Buffalo Clover (Trifoloium stoloniferum). In addition to Pennsylvania, he is a West Virginia USFWS approved surveyor for Small Whorled Pogonia (Isotria medeoloides), Northeastern Bulrush (Scirpus ancistrochaetus), Running Buffalo Clover (Trifoloium stoloniferum), Virginia Spiraea (Spiraea virginiana), and Harperella (Ptillimnium nodosum). Professional affiliations include Professional of Wetland Scientists, Society of Wetland Scientists, Botanical Society of Western Pennsylvania, and Botanical Society of America.

All of PA


Katie Bimber


John Anderson Construction, Inc.

2033 Pennsylvania Avenue East, P.O. Box 676, Warren, PA 16365


I graduated with a bachelor of Science degree in Geology from Juniata College. Currently I work for Anderson Construction, Inc. as a Safety Coordinator. I participated in three surveys conducted in Butler and Fayette Counties, PA, July 2013: Stenanthium gramineum (found as noted below), Meehania cordata (not found), Carex Typhina (not found) PNDI # 20130523405333: two occurences of Stenanthium gramineum were found in Butler County on July 25, 2013.

Northwest PA


Ellery Troyer


Ecological Field Services

13021 Flatts Road, Waterford, PA 16441


I have a B.A. in Environmental Biology from Bethel College, and an M.S. in Biology with an emphasis in field botany/taxonomy from Andrews University.  I have been a professional botanist since 2005 working in Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio and Pennsylvania.  Additional training has included seminars on the ecological communities of Pennsylvania and aquatic plants of Pennsylvania.

All of PA


Sara R. Stebbins


Environmental Design & Research, Landscape Architecture, Engineering & Environmental Services, D.P.C.

217 Montgomery Street, Suite 1100, Syracuse, New York 13202


Bachelor's and master's degrees from SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry; worked in dendrology lab and served as teaching assistant for dendrology labs.  Conducted botanical field work for Massachusetts National Guard and U.S. Forest Service.  Currently work in environmental consulting: rare plants surveys, ecological assessments, invasive plant surveys, wetland delineations, report writing, permitting renewable energy projects.

All of PA


Joseph J. Wilson


Wilson Ecological Consulting, LLC

314 Hill Top Lane, Port Matilda, PA 16870


M.S. Biology24+ years consulting experience>10 years on Carnegie List of Qualified BotanistsOn FWS list for Northeastern Bulrush (PA, WV) and Running Buffalo Clover (OH, WV, hopefully PA too)

All of PA


Laura Kangas


Environment & Archaeology, LLC

998 East Ridge Dr., Suite M/P, Lebanon, OH 45036


I have conducted botanical surveys throughout the eastern U.S. since 2004 for scientific research, biological monitoring, and site assessment for threatened, endangered, and sensitive species.  Specific to Pennsylvania, my experience includes botanical surveys in response to PNDI review, plant community classification, invasive species surveys, and wetland delineation. Related Training:M.Sc., University of Helsinki, Finland, Forest Ecology, October 2013M.Sc., Michigan Technological University, Applied Ecology, December 2012B.S., Michigan Technological University, Applied Ecology and Environmental Science, May 2009 Running Buffalo Clover Workshop; USFWS; Harrison County, Ohio; May 2016Consulting Botanist Toolkit Workshop; Pennsylvania Botany; Harrisburg, PA; Dec. 2015 Aster and Goldenrod Identification Workshop; Pennsylvania Botany; Drums, PA; Sept. 2015Identifying Grasses, Sedges, and Rushes, Wetland Training Institute, Inc., June 2015

West; Northcentral; Southcentral PA


David MacDougall


The Chazen Companies

112 Clinton Circle, Cobleskill, NY 12043


I have been doing botanical surveys for the past 10 years in various states and have been a permit holder in Pennsylvania for at least 5 years.

Northeast; Northwest; Northcentral PA


Anna Shamey


HDR Inc.

11 Stanwix St, Suite 800, Pittsburgh, PA, 15222


Undergraduate and Graduate courses in botany and field identification.  Botanical survey and analysis as part of master's thesis (Penn State, M.S. in Geography 2011).  Field identification and RTE surveys for environmental consulting, starting 2011.

West; Southwest PA


Andrew P Nevin


Skelly and Loy, Inc.

449 Eisenhower Blvd., Suite 300, Harrisburg, PA 17111


I have been conducting botanical surveys in Pennsylvania for both state and federally listed plant species for the past several years. I have attended numerous trainings related to taxonomy, identification and ecology of PA plant species. This will be my 6th year applying for a Wild Plant Management Permit and have obtained valid permits since 2012 with no revocations.

All of PA


Korey McCluskey


Tetra Tech, Inc.

661 Andersen Drive, Foster Plaza, BLDG #7, Pittsburgh, PA 15220


Mr. Korey McCluskey is a wetland/environmental scientist with 10+ years of experience in state and federal rare, threatened & endangered (SOSC) botanical surveying and assessment throughout Pennsylvania.  Korey has conducted numerous botanical surveys, habitat assessments, and related report generation.  Korey is on the USFWS short list of qualified surveyors for the federally listed Running Buffalo Clover, Small Whorled Pogonia, and Virginia Spirea (Since May 2015). Mr. McCluskey has held a Wild Plant Management Permit since 2013, and prior to that assisted in botanical surveys since 2006.

West; Northwest; Northcentral; Southwest; Southcentral PA


Joshua J Chestney


Stiffler, McGraw & Associates, Inc.

1731 N. Juniata Street, Hollidaysburg, PA 16648


Wild Plant Management Permit Holder since 2013Completion of numerous plan surveys since 2013B.S. Degree in Environmental SciencePAPSS Field Seminar - Wetland Delineation - 2017PA Botany Symposium - Willows Workshop 2016PAPSS Field Seminar - Wetland Delineation - 2015PNPS Workshop - Grasses, Sedges and Rushes - 2015PA Botany Symposium - Grasses, Sedges and Rushes Workshop - 2014Wetland Plant ID - 2013Wetland Delineation Course - 2007

All of PA


Evan T. McClung


Rettew Associates, Inc.

One Robinson Plaza, Suite 2006600, Steubenville Pike, Pittsburgh, PA 15205


West; Northeast; Northwest; Northcentral; Southwest; Southcentral PA


Cynthia Morton

118 Camberwell Drive

Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy

45 South 23rd Street, Suite 101, Pittsburgh, PA 15203-2120


Cynthia Morton, Researcher with the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy, she holds an M.S. in biology from the University of North Carolina and a Ph.D. in biology from CUNY/New York Botanical Garden. She was the curator of botany/ director of the herbarium at the Carnegie Museum for 15 years ending in 2016. As a botanist, Dr. Morton has worked locally and internationally to collect specimens for phylogenetic analysis of molecular and morphological data. The range of projects include angiosperm phylogenetics, redefining the citrus family,constructing genomic maps, investigating park and nursery tree genetics, and cleaning ground water. Dr. Morton's research has been featured in newspapers, videos, and has been published in peer-reviewed scientific articles.

All of PA


John Levitsky


Luzerne Conservation District

325 Smith Pond Road, Shavertown, PA 18708

570-674-7991 x5; 570-239-1013

As a former wetland delineator for 22 years, environmental scientist and a permits consultant, I have conducted botanical surveys for many years. I previously held a Wild Plant Management Permit from PA DCNR in ~2010-2013

East; Northcentral PA


Philip Renner



1300 East Ninth StreetSuite 500, Cleveland, Ohio 44114


I have conducted botanical field surveys within a variety of contexts, beginning in 2008. As part of an independent undergraduate research project, I completed general plant surveys at several restored and remnant prairies in western Ohio, in order to compare Floristic Quality Analysis scores. I have completed several vegetation surveys in Ohio wetlands according to the methods of the Vegetation Index of Biotic Integrity. I have also completed general plant surveys in riparian woodlands and in wetlands in central Michigan. I have also assisted with surveys for rare plant species with the Ohio Heritage Naturalists, a volunteer group that assists the Ohio Division of Natural Areas and Preserves. I have also assisted with surveys for federal- and state-listed species in Ohio and Michigan, including eastern prairie fringed orchid (Platanthera leucophaea), Sullivant's  milkweed (Asclepias sullivantii, sweetfern (Comptonia peregrine), wild lupine (Lupinus perennis), and trailing wild bean (Strophostyles helvula). I have also completed training courses in plant identification including the  August Sedge, Grass, and Rush Workshop  by Thomas L. Walters, Ph.D. in Waterville, Ohio, and a workshop reviewing species in the genus Carex by Rick Gardner of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

West PA


Eric Burkhart


Penn State University

3400 Discovery Road, Petersburg, PA 16669


I have completed extensive coursework from several Universities in botanical subject matter and currently teach botany coursework at Penn State University. Additionally, I conduct research on forest plants in Pennsylvania and do occasional consulting work for a local environmental firm (WHM Group). Collectively, I have over 25 years of botany experience, including fieldwork.

All of PA


Will Anderson



651 East Park Dr., Suite 105, Harrisburg, PA 17111


I have assisted with botanical surveys for plant species of special concern in Pennsylvania since 2009 for a variety of clients and projects. I have over 7 years experience in wetland delineation and rare, threatened, and endangered species surveys for both plant and animal species. Additionally, I have been involved in projects for the identification and management/monitoring of invasive plant species communities. I have completed the Rutgers wetland delineation program and attended various training seminars involving plant identification.

Northeast; Southeast; Southcentral PA


C. Mark Bowers


PA Soil and Rock, Inc.

Home: 279 Orr Road, West Newton, PA 15089; Office: PS&R, 570 Beatty Road, Monroeville, PA 15146


C. Mark Bowers is currently employed by Pennsylvania Soil and Rock, Inc. as an environmental project manager.Mr. Bowers has nearly 35 years of experience identifying rare, threatened, and endangered plants and years of performing botanical surveys for these plants.Mr. Bowers has conducted plant surveys for state rare, endangered, and threatened plants for many residential and utility (gas, water, sewer) right-of-way projects, overland beltline coal conveyor projects and many gas well pad and pipeline right-of-way surveys across Pennsylvania. He also has performed a successful surveys for federally listed Northeast Bulrush in PA, as well as Running Buffalo Clover and Small Whorled Pogonia in WV.Classes and workshops he has participated in include wetland training classes (including sedge, rush and grass ID) and botanical workshops with sedge expert Anthony Reznicek in 2004, 2011, 2013 and 2015; workshops on Pennsylvania Grasses and Sedges with Sarah Chamberlain of Riparia (Penn State Cooperative Wetlands Center); a fern and moss workshop with bryologist Susan Munch; a Juncus workshop with Wesley Knapp in 2012 and a Grass workshop with David Werier in 2013. His knowledge and familiarity of native plants, shrubs and trees also stems from 35 years of participation with the Botanical Society of Western Pennsylvania and other botanical groups. Mr. Bowers recently participated in the WV DNR and USFWS workshop for Running Buffalo Clover, Small-flowered Pogonia and Virginia Spirea. Subsequently, he was added to the WV USFWS approved surveyors list for these species and Northeast Bulrush. He has been on the PA approved surveyors list for Northeast Bulrush for several years.Mr. Bowers is listed on the Carnegie Museum list of consultants for botanical surveys. He also is listed on the PA office of the USFWS list of qualified surveyors for Northeastern Bulrush. His professional affiliations include the Vascular Plant Technical Committee of the Pennsylvania Biological Survey, which acts in an advisory capacity to the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. Other professional affiliations include membership in the Society of Wetland Scientists.

All of PA


David J. Jackson


Penn E&R

13180 Route 6, Mansfield, PA 16933


David is a certified Professional Wetland Scientist with seventeen years of environmental consulting experience focusing on natural resources, permitting and compliance, multimedia sampling, remediation, and ecological restoration. He has maintained sequential DCNR Wild Plant Management Permits since 2011 for performing botanical surveys for land development, oil & gas, and electric transmission projects throughout Pennsylvania. He regularly participates in botanical training courses and events to stay current with taxonomy skills and plant management efforts in Pennsylvania. He attempts to impart some of this information to his wife and three sons as their patience allows on family hikes.

All of PA


Kevin S. Keat


Environmental Consulting Services, inc

1095 Mill Road, Pen Argyl, PA 18072


Mr. Keat has 25 continuous years of environmental consulting experience which is extensive in conducting Wetlands Delineation, Flora/Fauna Threatened and Endangered Species Surveys, PA; Chapter 105 Environmental Assessments, Ecological Assessments, Freshwater Macroinvertebrate Stream Surveys, Groundwater Monitoring, and Wetlands Mitigation/Restoration.PROFESSIONAL REGISTRATIONS AND TRAINING: Professional Wetland Scientist Certification, Society of Wetland Scientists Since 2013, US Fish & Wildlife Service-Recognized Qualified Biologist, March 2006, US Army Corps of Engineers, Recognized Qualified Wetlands Delineator, May 1998, NY DEC - Recognized Qualified Biologist, May 2009, NJ Fish & Wildlife Service, Recognized Qualified Biologist, March 2006, MD Department of Natural Resources, Recognized Qualified Biologist, March 2006, Rutgers University Certificate of Completion for Endangered and Threatened Species of Northern NJ, Survey Techniques and Habitat Assessment Regulatory Implications, 2005, Rutgers University Certificate of Completion for Environmental and Ecological Risk Assessment; 2000, Ohio State University, Certificate of Completion for Creation and Restoration of Wetlands for Mitigation of Wetland Loss; 1999, Plant Identification: Wetlands and Their Borders; 1999, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Wetlands Delineator Training; 1998, Continuing Education1. Aster and Goldenrod Identification Workshop by Dr. Timothy Block, Drums, PA. September 22, 20152. Grasses, Sedges, and Rushes by Sarah Chamberlain, Canoe Creek, PA. August 20, 20153. Demystifying Pennsylvania Violets by Dr. Harvey Ballard, State College, PA. November 7, 20144. A Consulting Botanist Workshop, Morris Arboretum, Philadelphia, PA, April 18, 2014PA and NJ Botanical Surveys: Wild pea (Lathyrus ochroleucus) Eared-false foxglove (Agalinisauriculata), Northeastern bulrush (Scirpus ancistrochaetus), Swamp dog hobble bush(Leucothoe racemosa), Swamp pink (Helonias bullata), Knieskern's beaked rush (Rhynchospor aknieskernii), Twin flower (Linnaea borealis), Spreading globeflower (Trollius laxus), Carexfava, Carex shortiana, Sand cherry (Prunus pumila), Prickly pear cactus (Opuntia humifusa),Racemed milkwort (Polygala polygama), Small whorled pogonia (Isotria medeoloides),Nuttall's ticktrefoil (Desmodium nuttallii), Quill fameflower (Phemeranthus teretifolius), Mountain bugbane (Actaea podocarpa), Wild gooseberry (Ribes missouriense), Shale barrenEvening primrose (Oenothera argillicola), Serpentine aster (Symphyotrichum depauperatum), Small's ragwort (Packera anonyma), Torrey's rush (Juncus torreyi), Netted chain fern(Woodwardia areolata), Limestone petunia (Ruellia strepens), Tooth-cup (Rotala ramosoir), Kate's Mountain Clover (Trifolium virginicum), Slender Goldenrod (Solidago erecta), Margurerite's Clubmoss (Lycopodiella margueritae, Annual fimbry (Fimbristylis annua), Log fern (Dryopteris celsa)

All of PA


Kristen A Schawalder


HDR Engineering Inc.

One Oxford Centre, Suite 1700, 301 Grant Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15219


I obtained a B.S. degree from Purdue University in Plant Biology and Environmental Plant Studies. I learned about plant taxonomy, identification, using dichotomous keys, and specialized in aquatic plant species. Since graduation, I have worked with environmental consulting companies (GAI Consultants and HDR) to perform or assist with vegetative surveys for T&E species, wetlands, streams, develop the required documentation for these surveys. My biggest strength is consulting with agencies (not only DCNR) regarding project avoidance, minimization, and mitigation measures for T&E species.

Northwest; Southwest PA


Alexi Dart-Padover


Copperhead Environmental Consulting, Inc.

471 Main Street, P.O. Box 73, Paint Lick, KY 40461


I have a bachelor's degree in Environmental Studies combined w/ biology from UC Santa Cruz and a master's in Biology from Eastern Kentucky University. My thesis concerned experimental management strategies for the federally endangered Running Buffalo Clover (Trifolium stoloniferum). I have experience performing plant surveys in unique communities such as the serpentine grasslands of Northern California and the Carolina Sandhills. I have surveyed for specific federally and state-listed plants in the eastern US, such as Isoetes louisianensis and Trifolium stoloniferum, as well as non-native invasive species. I've worked on wetland delineations, bat habitat assessments, tropical tree surveys, and academic grassland experiments. I am experienced in using dichotomous keys to identify plants and as a student I have taken coursework in plant systematics, wetland and grassland plants, dendrology, and plant ecology.Trainings/Certifications: Wetland Delineation Certification, Richard Chinn Environmental, 2017; Commercial Pesticide Licenses; Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio, 2017; Sedges (Carex) of the Blue Ridge Workshop, Highlands Biological Station, 2016; Applachian Fern Workshop, Floracliff Nature Sanctuary, 2016

All of PA


Janet Ebert


Janet Ebert

1611 Smith Bridge Road, Chadds Ford, PA 19317


From 1986 on, Janet has been a botanical consultant to a number of southeastern PA land conservancies. From 1989 on, she has conducted rare and endangered plant surveys throughout southeastern, southcentral, and northeastern PA. She has conducted rare and endangered plant surveys and inventories in Maryland and Delaware since 1996. She is a member of the Vascular Plant Technical Committee and a holder of a Wild Plant Management Permit since 2000.

East; Northeast; Southeast; Southcentral PA


Laura Vrabel


Gannett Fleming

207 Senate Ave., Camp Hill, PA 17011


I have been delineating wetlands since August of 2006 and acquired my PWS in 2012. Since then I've worked in 15 states performing wetland delineations, T&E species habitat surveys and noxious weed surveys. I've been delineating wetlands in PA since 2011 and have worked in several counties (I upkeep my plant ID through this avenue). I have had my Wild Plant Management Permit since 2012. My experience in SOSC surveys stems from PNDI environmental reviews for projects I have worked on. I also attend botanical trainings throughout the year when feasible.

All of PA


Robert P. Jean


Environmental Solutions & Innovations, Inc.

1158 Dutilh Road, Mars, PA 16046


When a project receives a PNDI 'hit' for rare plants, clients need assurance their consultants can address three separate areas of concern. The first, completing surveys as rapidly as possible. Because I am one of several rare plant experts on ESI's team, I can ensure one of my colleagues is scheduled to assist in a timely manner if I am not available. Clients also need a consultant who understands the biology that goes beyond simple identifications. I am a pollination biologist, who must be able to identify and understand the ecology of plants and insects that I encounter. My expertise also encompasses addressing invasive plant management concerns including identification and management plan development, implementation, and monitoring. My background ensures the client receives the best possible service. Finally, the client must rely on the consultant's ability to handle the discovery of one or more rare plants. Our team is experienced in working through these 'sticky' situations. Our understanding of the biology of the species, combined with an understanding of regulatory environments and construction techniques equals your project's best insurance to remain on schedule and within budget.

All of PA


Colleen B. Ashbaugh



681 Andersen Drive, Suite 400, Pittsburgh, PA 15222


I obtained my B.S. in Horticulture from Penn State in 2001 and worked in the ornamental landscape industry for 10+ years. I have been working as an environmental consultant in SWPA for over 5 years and have worked on several botanical surveys related to the oil and gas industry: Botanical survey for fringed bluets (Houstonia canadensis), tall larkspur (Delphinium exaltatum) and yellow oak-redbud forest community (Quercus / Cercis Canadensis) with Natalie Shearer (Wild Plant Management Permit #14-023) and Stephanie Zabowski (Wild Plant Management Permit #14-650); PNDI: 20130930423010; 20140506449896; 20140506449897; Linear project and associated access roads; Washington and Greene Counties, Pennsylvania. Botanical survey for northeastern bulrush (Scirpus ancistrochaetus) with Mark Bowers and Stephanie Zabowski; PNDI: unknown; Linear project; Cambria County, Pennsylvania. Botanical survey for harbinger-of-spring (Erigenia bulbosa), white trout-lily (Erythronium albidum), declined trillium (Trillium flexipes), snow trillium (Trillium nivale), vase-vine leather-flower (Clematis viorna), and purple rocket (Iodanthus pinnatifidus) with Natalie Shearer (Wild Plant Management Permit #16-023); PNDI: Large Project #22470; Linear project and associated access roads; Beaver, Allegheny and Washington Counties, Pennsylvania.

All of PA


Karen M. Johnston


Skelly and Loy, Inc.

449 Eisenhower Blvd., Suite 300, Harrisburg, Pa 17111


I graduated from Shippensburg university in 1985 and took botany classes with Dr. Larry Klotz and other faculty while there, including Field Botany. I've worked as a botanist with this consulting firm for over 30 years and have completed a minimum of 50 plant surveys for endangered, threatened and other special concern plant species and habitats. I have taken additional plant training classes through PA Botany and in my early career was trained in the field by Paul Wiegman for such plants as North Eastern Bulrush and Small-whorled pogonia. I have often consulted with other PA botanist in DCNR, WPC and individuals to gain knowledge in the various plants I surveyed for. I've had a WPM permit since 2003.

All of PA


Ann Rzepka Budziak


Holden Forests and Garden

9500 Sperry Road, Kirtland, Ohio 44094

440-946-4400 x250

The Holden Arboretum has served as the regional institution for the Center for Plant Conservation's (CPC) nationwide consortium of botanical institutions for over thirty years. As a member of the CPC, the Arboretum has partnered with state institutions, nonprofit agencies, and local landowners to secure the collection of over one hundred rare and endangered species throughout the Great Lakes Region for the purpose of both seed preservation and research. The proposed collector, Ms. Ann E. R. Budziak, received a B.A. in Environmental Studies from Hiram College in 2002 and has over 10 years experience monitoring, surveying, collecting, and propagating rare and endangered species.

All of PA


Lee Garner


L.R. Kimball

615 West Highland Avenue, Ebensburg, PA 15931

814-472-7700 EXT. 607902

15 years experience as an environmental scientist with a focus on wetland delineation and habitat assessment, including botanical surveys and assessments of state and federal rare, threatened & endangered, and species of special concern throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

All of PA


Lawrence Brewer


Environmental Solutions & Innovations, Inc.

1158 Dutilh Road, Mars, PA 16046


I am a professional Plant Taxonomist with 35 years of experience. I conducted numerous rare plant surveys on public and private lands throughout the Midwest and eastern U.S., including more than two dozen studies in Pennsylvania. I am recognized by the Commonwealth as a qualified surveyor for northeastern bulrush and small whorled pogonia. In recent years I have completed multi-species studies in Allegheny, Bradford, Erie, Greene, and Washington counties. I not only complete rare pant surveys but also complete studies of vegetation type and invasive species assessments which draw on my expertise as a member of the Invasive Species Board in Kentucky. My work supports a variety of clients' needs to address environmental compliance with the National Environmental Policy and Endangered Species Acts. I am one of several rare plant experts on ESI's team working to provide clients the best possible service. Every member of our team combines an understanding of the biology of the species with an understanding of regulatory environments and construction techniques, keeping your project on schedule and within budget.

All of PA


James Wood


West Liberty University

208 University Drive,West Liberty University, West Liberty, WV, 26074


PhD in Ecology, University of Georgia, 2017; MS in Plant Biology, Southern Illinois University, 2010; BS in Environmental Studies and Biology, University of North Carolina at Asheville, 2007. I have been conducting botanical surveys for approximately 9 years. The first three years were primarily focused on community delineation in boreal peatlands while completing my MS degree. The more recent 6 years have been focused on surveying for the riverine angiosperm Podostemum ceratophyllum Michx., while completing my PhD work or in my capacity as an assistant professor of biology. Surveys have been conducted in a majority of the states between Georgia and Maine, but no surveys have been conducted in PA. During my PhD, I conducted numerous forays to search for Podostemum on the Conasauga River (GA), Little Tennessee River (NC), New (NC, WV, VA), Oconee River (GA), Clinch River (VA), Connecticut River (CT, VT, NH, ME), Dan River (NC), and Androscoggin River (ME). I have particular experience working in river systems and searching for Podostemum ceratophyllum. I co-authored a manuscript detailing what is known about the ecology of Podostemum where we outlined possible ecological threats to the plant (Wood and Freeman 2017). The manuscript was published in the journal Aquatic Botany in 2017. I am currently preparing additional manuscripts for publication regarding herbivory pressure on the plant, the accumulation of heavy metals in plant tissue and variations in nutrient content of the plant tissue. Wood and Freeman, 2017. Ecology of the macrophyte Podostemum ceratophyllum Michx. (Hornleaf riverweed), a widespread foundation species of eastern North American rivers, Aquatic Botany (139) 65-74.

All of PA


Cynthia Paschke


Independent Consultant

14311 GAR Highway, Chardon, OH 44024


I have 30 years of extensive experience conducting wetland delineations and ecological surveys on parcels as large as 930 acres with diverse habitat types with typical and unique vegetation. In 2014, I conducted one botanical survey in Pennsylvania for the purple rocket(Iodanthus pinnatifidus). My experience is enhanced by a Bachelor's degree in Environmental Science from Allegheny College and Master's Degree in Education in Natural Resources from Gannon University. I also have been a certified Professional Wetland Scientist since 1995(23 years). As continuing education, I attend workshop and field visits with the native Plant Society of Northeast Ohio visiting many wetland and uplands with rare plant community and species.

All of PA


Aimee Kay


GAI Consultants, Inc.

385 E. Waterfront Drive, Homestead, PA 15120


M.S., Urban and Regional Planning, Eastern Michigan University, 2007 B.A., Environmental Studies/Geography, Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, 1986. 30 years experience with multiple natural communities including the state of Michigan, PA, OH, MV, MD. wetland communities including submergent marsh, emergent marsh, northern wet meadow, southern wet meadow, intermittent wetland, coastal plain marsh, interdunal wetland, wet prairie, wet-mesic prairie, wet-mesic sand prairie, lakeplain wet prairie, lakeplain wet-mesic prairie, fen communities, bog communities, shrub communities, forested wetland communities. terrestrial community experience including forest communities of dry northern forest, dry-mesic northern forest, mesic northern forest, dry southern forest, dry-mesic southern forest, mesic southern forest. Current experience in western Allegheny plateau, central Appalachians, and north central Appalachians ecogregions. Specialized experience in palustrine wetlands, mesophytic forest (hemlock mixed/mesic hardwood and tulip tree, beech - maple forests), aquatic habitats especially bogs and hemlock-hardwood swamps.

All of PA


Gretchen Addington


Environmental Solutions & Innovations, Inc.

1158 Dutilh Road, Mars, PA 16046


I am a practicing botanist with more than a decade of experience in botany, mycology, forestry, and project management. During my education at Ohio (BS in in Plant Biology and Environmental Science) and Clemson (MS in Plant Biology) universities, I completed more than a dozen individual courses in plant biology. My formal education is bolstered by field experience obtained throughout the U.S., particularly in the gas and oil fields of Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia, where I completed numerous studies in support of construction activities. I have experience helping clients meet regulatory requirements associated with Sections 401 and 404 of the Clean Water Act, National Environmental Policy Act, the Endangered Species Act, and Pennsylvania's Wild Resource Conservation Act. My construction management experience gives me unique perspective regarding regulatory issues facing ESI's clients and allows me to provide guidance through the entire process from initial project screening (including rare plant surveys) to permitting, constructing, and eventually operating a functional industrial site. I am one of several rare plant experts at ESI who all work collaboratively to ensure each project stays on time and on budget. I look forward to helping you complete your next project in the Commonwealth.

All of PA


Zachary Wrensch


Merjent, Inc.

1 Main Street SE, Suite 300, Minneapolis, MN 55414


I have four years conducting environmental field assessments to include rare plant surveys and wetland delineations across nineteen states. This includes assessments at several sites throughout Pennsylvania. I have attended several trainings related to wetland ecology and wetland delineation, as well as, a sedge specific identification training. I hold a Masters and Bachelors degree in Biology. Relevant coursework includes Botany, Plant Taxonomy, General Ecology, and Physiological Ecology.

All of PA


Linda Ealy


GAI Consultants, Inc.

385 East Waterfront Drive, Homestead, PA 15120


I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and a Master of Science degree in Biology. My thesis project was in plant physiology. I am a project environmental specialist at GAI Consultants, Inc. (GAI). I have conducted botanical surveys for the past 30 years for GAI. I am also certified as a Professional Wetland Scientist.

All of PA


Dylan Fowler


AllStar Ecology, LLC

1582 Meadowdale Road, Fairmont, WV 26554

Cell 304-376-2744, Office 304-816-3490

Certified surveyor for running buffalo clover, small whorled pogonia, and Virginia spiraea in WV-Certified surveyor for running buffalo clover in OH-2 years of experience conducting botany research with Research Botanist Dr. Cynthia (Cindy) Huebner

East; West; Northeast; Northcentral; Southeast; Southwest; Southcentral PA


Aaron Nemeyer


AllStar Ecology, LLC

1582 Meadowdale Road, Fairmont, WV 26554


I have conducted bontanical surveys throughout three field seasons in West Virginia with a focus on state and federally listed species. Work was conducted on federal, state, and private lands. I am scheduled to complete the training to become a qualified surveyor for running buffalo clover for the state of Ohio (May 2018) and being considered to become a qualified surveyor in the state of West Virginia for running buffalo clover, small whorled pogonia, and harperella (2018). In addition, I have hands on experience with state (WV) and federally listed plant species. Other training completed includes the Vegetation Index of Biotic Integrity (Ohio EPA).

East; West; Northeast; Northcentral; Southeast; Southwest; Southcentral PA


David J Quatchak


Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc.

333 Baldwin Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15205


BS Horticulture (minor in Biology) from Penn State University. Have conducted dozens of botanical surveys and habitat assessments for PADCNR, WVDNR, and USFWS in PA and WV. Have identified 20 state- or federally listed plant species populations.

All of PA


Michael A. Takacs


Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc.

333 Baldwin Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15205


I have worked as an environmental consultant performing wetland delineations and terrestrial ecology studies since 1991 and estimate I have spent over 9,000 field hours completing these types of studies. I have performed rare plant surveys since 1996 and have spent over 500 hours performing rare plant surveys. I have worked with Joe Isaac at CEC since 2002, performing approximately 500 field hours working directly with Mr. Isacc and an additional 500 hours working with other staff on rare plant surveys. Over 85% of this work has been performed in southwestern, northwestern, and north-central Pennsylvania. In addition, I have performed approximately 350-400 hours performing monitoring and maintaining activities at rare plant mitigation projects, approximately 125 hours supervising rare plant relocations, and 50 hours collecting seeds, storing, and growing rare plants for mitigation projects. I have also spent 50-75 hours reviewing herbarium specimens at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History over the past several years.The list of botanical surveys and PNDI numbers during which SOSC were found was included in my 2017 Wild Plant Management Permit application (Permit No. 17-078). Species that I located that were listed as SOSC at the time of these surveys included: Stachys cordata, Eleocharis quadrangulata, Polymnia uvedalia, Oxydendrum arboreum, Ratibida pinnata, Diarrhena americana, Antennaria solitaria, Hydrophyllum macrophyllum, Ophioglossum vulgatum, Lithospermum latifolia, Hydrastis canadensis, Eregenia bulbosa, and Collinsia verna. I spent countless hours since 1974 using field guides to identify trees, shrubs, and herbaceous plants as a leisure activity. I have a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Pennsylvania State University (1980) with substantial credit hours in natural sciences including: botany, ornithology, ichthyology, entomology, and herpetology. I am a Society of Wetland Scientist Professional Wetland Scientist and formerly was an Adjunct Professor teaching Wetland Ecology and Terrestrial Ecology courses at Chatham University. I took several plant identification courses during my professional career, including Wetland Plant Identification (Wetland Training Institute, 1991) and Identifying Grasses, Sedges, and Rushes (WTI, 2014)I have read and understood the requirements of PA Chapter 45 Conservation of Pennsylvania Native Wild Plants regarding wild plant management and agree to abide by these regulations.

West PA


Greg Short


AllStar Ecology, LLC

1582 Meadowdale Road, Fairmont, WV 26554


I have worked on various projects for state, federal, and private. My work has been associated with various scientific data collection projects associated with the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources - Heritage Ecology, the U.S Forest Service - Northeastern Research Station, and the U.S. National Park Service. I have also conducted multiple state and federally listed species surveys associated with projects in PA, WV, OH, NJ, NY and VA. My most recent private job identified over 1000 flora species, 52 of which were state listed and 2 federally listed species.

East; West; Northeast; Northcentral; Southeast; Southwest; Southcentral PA


Justin DeVault


AllStar Ecology, LLC

1582 Meadowdale Road, Fairmont, WV 26554


Qualified Running Buffalo Clover Surveyor - West Virginia and Ohio-Qualified Small Whorled Pogonia and Virginia Spiraea Surveyor - West Virginia-Vegetation Index of Biotic Integrity (VIBI) Training Course (Midwest Biodiversity Institute)-Aquatic Plants o



Fred Huber


Environmental Solutions & Innovations, Inc.

1158 Dutilh Road, Mars, PA 16046


I have been involved with the study of botany and rare plants since my undergraduate studies at Gettysburg College, where I researched the distribution of Barbarea vulgaris in Adams County, Pennsylvania. I served as the first botanist for the North Carolina Natural Heritage Program and recently joined ESI after 26 years as Forest Botanist on the George Washington and Jefferson National Forests in Virginia and West Virginia. I have decades of experience working with federally listed plant species including: Virginia roundleaf birch, shale barren rockcress, rock gnome lichen, smooth purple coneflower, Virginia sneezeweeed, swamp pink, small whorled pogonia, northeastern bulrush, and Virginia meadowsweet. I have completed botanical surveys for numerous Pennsylvania list plant species of special concern. I have developed non-native invasive plant species management plans and conducted field surveys for non-native plant infestations, treatments for those infestations, advised district offices on treatment, and coordinated with state federal, and non-governmental organizations. I combine my botanical experience with a regulator's understanding of environmental documents including Biological Evaluations (BE) evaluating effects of proposed projects on rare plant species in support of National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) documentation. My experience also encompasses Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) review; providing input to the forest planning process; and developing plant management strategies, including treatment for infestations of invasive plants.

All of PA


Scott Denham


Environmental Solutions & Innovations, Inc.

1158 Dutilh Road, Mars, PA 16046


I am a formally-trained botanist whose M.S. thesis focused on the identification of invasive plants in restored wetlands. I have attended numerous plant taxonomy and identification workshops, and have eight years of professional experience conducting botanical surveys throughout Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Indiana and Michigan. My professional experience includes more than 20 botanical surveys in Allegheny, Butler, Greene, and Washington counties Pennsylvania, where I completed searches for running buffalo clover, small whorled pogonia, vase-vine Leather-Flower, eastern featherbells, snow trillium, white trout-lily, singlehead pussytoes, hairy heart-leaved aster, Virginia spirea, and northeastern bulrush. I am qualified to complete plant surveys anywhere in Pennsylvania. I often work with clients to provide an economy of scale by including these botanical surveys with other environmental and ecological assessments including wetland and waterway delineations, ecological resource surveys, wetland mitigation assessments, invasive plant management, and habitat assessments for a variety of rare species. I work collaboratively with other botanists and regulatory specialists here at ESI to ensure that the results of my work provide clients with the help they need to meet the requirements of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), Endangered Species Act (ESA), and Pennsylvania's Wild Resource Conservation Act and its implementing regulations.

All of PA


Codie Vileno


ECT Inc.

1718 Meadville Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15214


I have worked as field biologist for about 10 years conducting wetland delineations and PNDI plant surveys. I have been involved in the positive ID of several listed species. I have taken plant ID classes and workshops in sedge/grass ID, woody plant ID, and Running Buffalo Clover and Virginia Spirea ID.

West PA


Robert Cawthern


Larson Design Group

300 South Walnut Lane, Suite 202, Beaver, PA 15009


I have performed botanical surveys and wetland delineations for thirty years. I have had plant identification courses in undergraduate school and numerous independent courses since. I have completed threatened and endangered plant surveys in each region of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Ohio and West Virginia.

All of PA


Christopher R. Frey


Beran Environmental Services

2322 West Sunbury Rd., Boyers, PA 16020


Working as a field scientist with a focus on wetland and plant science for the last 8 years with 15+ years of professional gardening/horticulture experience. During previous Botanical Surveys, I have successfully identified numerous SOSC in Pennsylvania inluding Scirpus ancistrochaetus, Alisma triviale, Poa languida, Stenanthium gramineum, and Tipularia discolor.

West; Northwest; Northcentral; Southwest PA


Robert Beran


Beran Environmental Services

2322 West Sunbury Rd., Boyers, PA 16020


Over 30 years working as a wetland scientist. Successfully identified numerous PA SOSC plant species during previous Botanical Surveys, including Scirpus ancistrochaetus, Viburnum trilobum, Opuntia humifusa, Eleocharis tenuis var. varicosia, Poa languida, Gaultheria hispidula, Filipendula rubra, Trollius laxus, Carex retrorsa, Lupinus perennis L., Rubus setosus, Oxydendrum arboretum, and Carex atherodes. Botanical training include: Humboldt Field Research Institute - Composites: Asters, Goldenrods, and Related Species; Identification of Sedges, Rushes, and Grasses. Listed by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service as Qualified Northeast Bulrush Surveyor.

All of PA


Cody Salmon


Beran Environmental Services

2322 West Sunbury Rd., Boyers, PA 16020


Over 15 years as a wetland scientist. Completed numerous SOSC Botanical Surveys including successfully locating Lactuca hirsuta and Tipularia discolor.

West; Northwest; Northcentral; Southwest PA


Brian Fleming


Beran Environmental Services

2322 West Sunbury Rd., Boyers, PA 16020


Bachelors of Science, Forest Science, Biology Option. 9 years as a Wetland Scientist. Conducted numerous Botanical Surveys for PA SOSC, including successfully identifying Scirpus Ancistrochaetus and Baptisia australis.

West; Northwest; Northcentral; Southwest PA


Thomas Swimley


Wildlife Specialists, LLC

2785 Hills Creek Rd., Wellsboro, PA 16901


I am a wildlife biologist and have taken classes in botany and dendrology as a student in college. I am a lifelong plant enthusiast with years of experience in landscaping. I do a lot of wetland delineations and wildlife surveys throughout the year which keeps me out identifying plants. I have led or assisted in numerous PNDI surveys since 2009 and frequently search for PA PSOSC while hiking, hunting, fishing or conducting other (non-plant) surveys. In July 2011 I was accepted by USFWS as a Qualified Northeastern Bulrush Surveyor. I have personally identified numerous populations (Both known and new)of PSOSC in Pennsylvania.

All of PA


Nathan David Renaudin


TRC Solutions

2200 Liberty Avenue, Suite 100, Pittsburgh, PA 15222


All of the companies I have worked for required the ability to identify and report upland and wetland plants in order to complete wetland delineation reports and appropriate permit applications.In some circumstances, plant surveys need to be completed in order to satisfy the requirements of the threatened and endangered species that are identified using the PNDI program.Examples of PNDI Surveys I have been involved in: 2014, Elk County, Coeloglossum viride, PNDI # NA, Species Found May 5, 2015, Green County, Antennaria solitaria, PNDI # 20150324491272, 20150324491277, Species Found May 10, 2015, Green County, Passiflora lutea, PNDI # 20150324491272, 20150324491277 - Species FoundMay 10, 2015, Green County, Senna marilandica, PNDI # 20150324491272, 20150324491277 Unsuccessful Survey, May 15, 2015, Green County, Smallanthus uvedalius, PNDI # 20150324491272, 20150324491277 - Species Found May 15, 2015, Green County, Stachys cordata, PNDI # 20150324491272, 20150324491277, Unsuccessful SurveyJune 15-16, 2017, Washington County, Delphinium exaltatum, PNDI Number: 616994 - Unsuccessful SurveyJune 15-16, 2017, Washington County, Passiflora lutea, PNDI Number: 616994 - Unsuccessful Survey, March 5, 2018, Washington County, Trillium nivale, PNDI #: 636794 - Unsuccessful Survey Training/Workshops/Certifications I have attended/obtained: Wetland Professional in Training - Society of Wetland Scientists - Profesional Certification Program, Wetland Delineation and Regional Supplement Updates, Swamp School, LLC, Ohio Rapid Assessment Method for Wetlands v. 5.0 - Ohio EPA, Advanced Hydric Soils, Wetland Training Institute Ohio EPA Primary Headwater Habitat Assessment Training Association of State Wetland Managers - Member Educational Background: Bachelor of Science: Environmental Biology Minor, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Clarion University of Pennsylvania, Clarion, PACourses: Biometry, Ecological Applications, Evolution, Genetics, Entomology, Population Biology, Ecology of Aquatic InsectsEnvironmental Geology, Advanced Remote SensingAdvanced GIS, General Botany

West; Northwest; Southwest PA


Jason Moses


Borton-Lawson Engineering

613 Baltimore Drive, Suite 300, Wilkes-Barre, PA 18702

570-821-1994 x1256

Assisted in botanical surveys for Bog-rosemary, Small Beggars-tick, Slender Sedge, Mud Sedge, Marsh Bedstraw, White Fringed-orchid, White Water-crowfoot, Horned Bladderwort, Flat-leaved Bladderwort, Blatic Rush, Swamp Dog-hobble, and winged-loosestrife. Routinely delineate wetlands and conduct riparian buffer studies. BS in Wildlife & Fisheries Science from PSU. Swamp School Northeast Wetland Plant Identification Training.

All of PA


Lisa Clementoni


Borton-Lawson Engineering

613 Baltimore Drive, Suite 300, Wilkes-Barre, PA 18702

570-821-1994 x1279

I have obtained my Wild Plant Management Permit (595) for the past 4 years. I am a PWS that has been in the consulting field for 18 years with delineating wetlands for 18 years and performing or assisting with plant identification for the past 10 years. Our team's most recent botanical survey included the identification of Juncus arcticus var. littoralis, Leucothoe racemosa, and Lythrum alatum, with a voluntary conservation measure for Rosa virginiana. None of these species were identified within the study area.

East; Northeast; Northcentral; Southeast PA


John Mayersky


Wildlife Specialists, LLC

2785 Hills Creek Rd., Wellsboro, PA 16901


Mr. Mayersky is a wildlife biologist at Wildlife Specialists, LLC, who has conducted RTE plant surveys throughout Pennsylvania since 2012. He also assisted in invasive plant surveys and natural resource inventories which included the identification of all plant species present. While conducting other wildlife surveys, Mr. Mayersky identified plant species present at each survey area. He has also identified plants in the Midwest and Southeast US.

All of PA


Henry Schumacher


SWCA Environmental Consultants

80 Emerson Lake, Suite 1306, Bridgeville, PA 15017


I specialize in ecology, with over 19 years of experience conducting environmental field studies and evaluating the impacts of natural and anthropogenic disturbance on species and natural communities. Over the past 10 years I have conducted ecological field surveys for private clients in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, Minnesota, Wisconsin, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, Missouri, and in the Oil Sands of Alberta, Canada. I have conducted presence/absence surveys for non-native invasive species and over 50 state and federal listed plant species in PA, OH, and NY. In addition to my environmental consulting experience, I have a BS (Tulane University, 2000) and MS (University of Pittsburgh, 2008) in Ecology, have held a PADCNR WPMP since 2008, and have conducted experimental and observational scientific field studies in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Panama, England, and Zimbabwe.

All of PA


Heather Sahli


Shippensburg University

Biology Department, 1871 Old Main Drive, Shippensburg, PA 17257


I am a professor of Biology at Shippensburg University and have studied plant reproductive biology for 18 years. I advised Master's student Jaclyn Braund on her research on Iris verna in 2015-2017 so I have direct experience working with this species already, including conducting hand-pollinations to determine the mating system of this plant species. In addition, I am also currently studying the genetic variation within and among populations of I. verna in PA (note: plant tissue was collected under a different permit awarded to Jaclyn Braund).

Southeast; Southcentral PA


Drew Wanke


Wildlife Specialists, LLC

2785 Hills Creek Rd., Wellsboro, PA 16901


I have conducted plant, wetland, and wildlife surveys for the past 11 years throughout PA, NY, WV, MD, OH, CT, MA, VT, NJ, and KY documenting vegetation during each survey. I have done forest stand evaluations and have also conducted wildlife surveys identifying habitats and plants for birds, bats, woodrats, flying squirrels, herpetofauna, butterflies, white-tailed deer, eastern wild turkey, and several other species. I have assisted other permitted biologists on rare, threatened, and endangered plant surveys. In addition, I have conducted post construction monitoring for plants for several years on sites previously disturbed and re-vegetated. I have also conducted multiple invasive plant surveys, identifying not just invasive species, but all plants encountered. I have located and identified several species from the PNHP species list, including but not limited to; Amelanchier sanguinea, Andropogon glomeratus, Cypripedium reginae, Cypripedium parviflorum, Dryopteris clintoniana, Epilobium palustre, Epilobium strictum, Erythronium albidum, Houstonia serpyllifolia, Ilex opaca, Ilex laevigata, Juglans cinerea, Isotria medeoloides, Lathyrus ochroleucus, Lupinus perennis, Lythrum alatum, Myriophyllum sibiricum, Oenothera oakesiana, Opuntia humifusa, Panax quinquefolius, Phlox pilosa, Pinus resinosa, Platanthera blephariglottis, Populus balsamifera, Prenanthes racemosa, Pycnanthemum clinopodioides, Pycnanthemum verticillatum var. pilosum, Quercus falcata, Quercus macrocarpa, Quercus michauxii, Quercus phellos, Rhamnus lanceolata, Ribes lacustre, Scirpus ancistrochaetus, Stenanthium gramineum, Thalictrum dasycarpum, Taxus canadensis, Trillium cernuum, Triosteum angustifolium, and Triphora trianthophora. I have also taken several college courses focused on plants including botany, dendrology, ecology, and have taken continuing education workshops for grasses, sedges, and rushes.

All of PA


Hannah Kalk



33 Terminal Way #431, Pittsburgh, PA 15219


I have a B.A. in Environmental Biology and an M.S. in Plant Ecology. My graduate work was taxonomically intense and required a functional understanding of a spectrum of coastal plant communities and community analyses. In addition, I am a certified ecologist with the Ecological Society of America and have experience performing rare plant surveys and ecological restoration under the employment of the Illinois Natural Heritage Program (~1 year) and with various private consulting firms in Pennsylvania (~5 years).

All of PA


Brian M. Derenick



613 Baltimore Drive, Suite 300, Wilkes-Barre, PA 18702


Sr. Environmental Scientist with 20 years of experience in wetland delineation, mitigation design, monitoring and environmental permitting throughout Pennsylvania and the Mid-Atlantic region. Professional Wetland Scientist (PWS) since 2016. DCNR Wild Plant Management Permit holder since 2012. I have conducted numerous botanical surveys for various rare, threatened and endangered species in support of the natural gas and electric utility industries and land development. Species surveyed include Galium trifidum (Marsh bedstraw); Platanthera blephariglottis (White fringed-orchid); Ranunculus aquatilis var. diffuses (White water-crowfoot); Andromeda polifolia (bog-rosemary); Bidens discoidea (Small beggar-ticks); Carex lasiocarpa (Slender sedge); Carex limosa (Mud sedge); Cardamine pratensis (Cuckoo flower); Carex disperma (Soft-leaved sedge); Juncus arcticus var. littoralis (Baltic rush); Leucothoe racemosa (Swamp dog-hobble) and Lythrum alatum (Winged-loosestrife). Other experience includes riparian buffer assessment and invasive species surveys and control plans.

All of PA


Wesley Knapp



400 Silver Maple Ct., Fletcher, NC


I worked as a botanist for the Maryland Natural Heritage Program from 2002-2016. In 2016 I took the position as Mountains Ecologist/Botanist for the North Carolina Natural Heritage Program. I sat on the Pennsylvania Rare Plant Technical Committee for ca. 10 years while in MD. I am the lead author on the Checklist of the Maryland Flora and co-creator of the Digital Atlas of the Maryland Flora (www.MarylandPlantAtlas.org).

All of PA


Samantha R. Hockenberry


Gannett Fleming, Inc.

207 Senate Avenue, Camp Hill, PA 17011


Professional Experience: 11 years of experience as a field botanist which included botanical identifications and plant community/habitat assessments often in conjunction with wetland delineations, forest stand delineations, stream surveys, and botanical surveys. Particularly experienced in tree identifications and winter botany. Education: B.S., Biology, University of Pittsburgh (2009); M.S., Biology, Clarion University (2013) Training / Previous Experience: Graduate-level Field Botany and Plant Taxonomy coursework, including winter botany. Graduate research focused in forest ecology and invasive species ecology. Field research experience conducting botanical surveys of forest over- and understory communities, forest stand surveys for hemlock wholly adelgid and other tree damaging infestations. Attends PA Botany Workshops when available.

All of PA


Kevin Berend


Tetra Tech

301 Ellicott St., Buffalo, NY 14203


I have a Master's Degree in Environmental Science & Ecology from the College at Brockport, SUNY, where I did my thesis research on alpine plant communities of Mt. Washington, NH. I studied plant community assembly, phenology, and environmental variables using several observation and data collection techniques including cover estimation and transect-based sampling. In my graduate and undergraduate coursework, I have taken many courses on plant identification, taxonomy, and ecosystems including Plant Ecology, Plant Diversity, Wetland Ecology, Conservation Biology, Restoration Ecology, and Bryophytes (NYFA workshop). I have used online databases and personal contacts with state Natural Heritage bureaus to look for rare plants, worked with the US Forest Service on research permitting in sensitive areas, and with non-profit organizations and volunteers on invasive species identification and removal. I have worked as a contract vegetation biologist in Colorado, where I performed surveys on land rehabilitated for greater sage grouse habitat. I am a member of the Society of Wetland Scientists.

All of PA


Barry Eckwahl


Tetra Tech Environmental

301 Ellicott St., Buffalo, NY 14203


Botany minor, NYS College of Environmental Science, Syracuse, NY. 25 years as field biologist consultant doing wetland waterbody delineations. PA Wild Plant Permit holder 2014, 2015 and 2016.

All of PA


Mark Vogel


Michael Baker International

100 Airside Drive, Moon Township, PA 15108


20+ years experience conducting field wetland delineations/ aquatic resources investigations in Pennsylvania and nearby states, 2-3 years experience assisting and/or conducting PNDI SOSC plant surveys for pipeline projects, completed courses in Winter woody plant identification, USACE Wetland delineation training with plant identifications.

All of PA


Eric C. McCleary


Stantec Consulting

5000 Ritter Road, Suite 102, Mechanicsburg, PA 17055-6902


I have a B.S. degree in biology/ecology and an M.S. degree in ecology. I have had formal education in botany and plant identification while obtaining these degrees. For the past 30 years I have conducted wetland delineations and conducted various plant surveys under the DCNR permit No. 11-544

All of PA


Mallory N. Gilbert


Rutgers Office of Continuing Professional Education

55 Ford Road, Raymertown, Troy, New York 12180-9210

518 663-0056

BS Foestry, MS Agronomy/Soil Physics. Certification as Professional Wetland Scientist. Instructor for Rutgers Office of Continuing Professional Education since 1990 (Wetland Delineation Methodology and Freshwater Wetland Construction). 45 years field experience. Curated samples as various museums. Listed as qualified surveyor for Scirpus ancistrochaetus, and Isotria medeoloides. Contracted by USFWS and other agencies and companies to conduct botanical surveys since 1986.

All of PA


Elizabeth Norment


Tetra Tech

301 Ellicott St. Buffalo, NY 14222


I am a biologist with six years of experience working in the western and eastern United States. In Pennsylvania, I have worked monitoring populations of Carex oligosperma and Scirpus ancistrochaetus and have conducted threatened and endangered species habitat assessments. I have also conducted T&E habitat assessments and surveys in New York State. In New Jersey, I conducted surveys for rare plant species in a state natural area, locating new populations of two NJ species of concern. I also conducted relevant surveys of ecological communities in this same natural area. I have additional experience conducting botanical field work in the Prairies of Washington state, forests and prairies of Minnesota, and forests of Arizona. I have an undergraduate degree in biology from Lewis and Clark College and a Master of Environmental Management in environmental science and conservation from Duke University. Post-school, I have taken advantage of continuing education opportunities, taking a workshop on plant identification with the NY Flora Society and a course in bog turtle habitat identification with USFWS and NY Natural Heritage.

All of PA


Jack Stenger


Environment & Archaeology, LLC

221 Main Street, Florence, Kentucky 41042


I have a decade of experience identifying plants and using technical keys in the Ohio River watershed (OH-IN-KY-IL-WV-PA).Education: I have a B.A. in Zoology from Ohio Wesleyan University (OWU) and am a PhD candidate at the University of Cincinnati (UC) Department of Biological Sciences. As a PhD student at UC I taught the lab section of the Flowering Plant Classification course for two semesters. This course, which I also took as a grad student, focused on wild plant identification and collection for scientific study. As an undergraduate at OWU, I took Botany, a lecture and lab course covering a wide range of plant biology. Currently, I work as a Biologist at Environment & Archaeology, LLC where my primary field work is wetland delineation and rare plant surveys. I am trained and certified by the USFWS to survey for the federally endangered Running Buffalo Clover (Trifolium stoloniferum). I also include botany as a personal hobby and search for and identify plants on a weekly basis. I regularly attend field trips hosted by the Cincinnati Wildflower Preservation Society to expand my botanical knowledge.

All of PA


Samuel A. Canfield


West Liberty University

101 Faculty Dr, West Liberty, WV 26074


I have two bachelor degrees in Biology and Chemistry from Glenville State College and am currently completing a master degree in Biology from West Liberty University. At Glenville, I took botany and flora identification as courses, and at West Liberty, I have conducted riparian flora community composition surveys. Additionally, my master thesis's primary objective is to determine the habitat requirements of Podostemum ceratophyllum for which I have surveyed for Podostemum in West Virginia.

All of PA


Lisa J. Sparnon, M.S., PWS


Sparnon Wetland Services, Inc.

106 Rock Court, Dingmans Ferry, PA 18328


I have been identifying plant species for over 30 years as part of my wetland delineations, mitigation inspections and rare plant surveys. In addition, I was trained by Dr. Milewski of East Stroudsburg University during my graduate studies.

All of PA


Christopher Imbrogno


Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc.

333 Baldwin Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15205


For the past five years I have lead wetland delineations on pre- and post-mined gas well pads in PA, WV & OH. On top of my wetland experience, I have also been apart of several botanical field surveys in response to requests from the DCNR to determine the presence or absence of Senna marilandica (wild senna), Smallanthus uvedalia (leaf cup), Stachys cordata (Nuttall's hedge-nettle) & Trifolium stoloniferum (running buffalo clover). I also have experience with vegetation monitoring which includes identifying and measuring woody & herbaceous vegetation planted after reclamation.

Southwest PA


Abigail Koenig


A.D. Marble

3913 Hartzdale Drive, Suite 1302, Camp Hill, PA 17011


Ms. Koenig is an environmental scientist with 10 years of experience as a consultant with A.D. Marble conducting natural resource studies. Leading numerous state listed Threatened and Endangered species botanical surveys, Ms. Koenig has been a consecutive Pennsylvania Wild Plant Management Permit holder since 2011. She is familiar with the Pennsylvania Natural Diversity Inventory (PNDI) process and has experience working with the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) to develop avoidance measures and obtain project clearance. Her experience is in the transportation sector, spanning all regions of Pennsylvania, with a variety of work also performed in the Piedmont region of Maryland. She regularly participates in plant identification training courses and frequently attends the annual Pennsylvania Rare Plant Forums and biennial Pennsylvania Botany Symposiums to stay current with new developments in botanical field studies. Other experience includes several aspects of wetland conservation, including wetland identification, delineation, and post-construction monitoring. Ms. Koenig is highly skilled in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), with experience creating report mapping, working with databases, and field data collection using a hand-held Global Positioning System (GPS) unit. She also maintains a Pennsylvania Commercial Pesticide Applicator license and is familiar with developing integrated pest management plans used to treat invasive plant infestations, primarily through manual removal or spot treatments with a backpack sprayer.

All of PA


Gina Panasik


The Thrasher Group, Inc.

4000 Town Center Boulevard, Suite 140, Canonsburg, PA 15317


I have over 20 years of experience in plant identification through both graduate field work and field work in the private sector. I have experience identifying plants in over 10 states and have taken plant ID courses (Taxonomy of Aquatic and Wetland Plants at UNC-Wilmington and plant ID associated with the basic 40 hour USACE wetland training). I have had a PA DCNR plant permit since 2012 and have done several botanical surveys in response to PNDI reviews. In 2014 while doing a survey for a PNDI review I collected a sample of Stachys cordata, GPS'ed the location for the DCNR, pressed the sample, and submitted the sample to the collection at the herbarium at the Carnegie Science Museum in Pittsburgh, PA.

All of PA


Nick Trivelli



Wetland Delineations, rare and SOSC plant surveys, invasive species surveys, ORAM

West; Northcentral; Southwest PA


Jesse Jon Salensky


Pennsylvania Horticulture and Environmental, LLC.

129 Lakeside Drive, Export, PA 15632


PNDI field surveys since May, 2007. PNDI flora and fauna surveys. Native plant research conducted in nursery and on conservation district projects, including urban sustainability projects. ISA certified arborist. Pennsylvania certified horticulturist. Wetland delineation projects.

West; Northwest; Northcentral; Southwest; Southcentral PA


Thomas McFadden


Copperhead Environmental Consulting

471 Main Street, Paint Lick, KY 40461 PO BOX 73


Undergraduate degree in wildlife management where I conducted a flora of a Natural Area in Madison County KY, 2014-2017. Masters degree in biology where I completed a flora of the Red River Gorge in eastern KY, 2016-2018. Native Plant Stewardship Cert.

All of PA


Ryan Barnhill


SWCA Environmental Consultants

200 Bursca Drive, Suite 207, Bridgeville, PA 15017


I have approximately 7 years of professional experience conducting wetland delineations in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia and have completed several PNDI surveys within Pennsylvania since 2010. Training includes Winter Woody Plant ID Workshop, Penn State University Invasive Species Best Management Practices, and presented at the Marcellus Shale Coalition Carex Workshop at 2016 PA Botany Symposium

Southwest; Southcentral PA


Sara Covolo


KU Resources, Inc.

22 South Linden Street, Duquesne, PA 15110


Have an undergraduate degree in Biology, took wetland training courses, attended plant identification seminars at Beechwood Farms, performed several botanical surveys in the past, along with many wetland delineation surveys, conducted biological survey and assessment for Allegheny National Forest

West; Northwest; Southwest PA


Andrea Finn


Pennoni Associates

5072 Ritter Road, Suite 102, Mechanicsburg, PA 17055


I have held a Wild Plant Management Permit since 2015, and I have conducted many plant habitat assessments and surveys as an environmental consultant in the transportation industry. I am a certified Professional Wetland Scientist with extensive training in both wetland science and botany.

All of PA


Peter Schafran


Old Dominion University

4500 Hampton Blvd, Norfolk, VA 23529


BS, MS, in biology with concentration in botany. PhD in progress in plant systematics. I mostly work on quillworts (Isoetes) from the eastern US. I'm a research associate in the Dept. of Botany at the National Museum of Natural History.

All of PA


Cameron Krivich


GAI Consultants, Inc.

385 E. Waterfront Drive, Homestead, PA 15120


Bachelor of Science in Biology, University of Pittsburgh, 2011. Eight years of full-time industry experience conducting stream/wetland delineations and RTE/invasive species surveys across all ecoregions of PA as well as other states.

All of PA


John-Thomas Graupensperger



1215 Manor DriveSuite 100, Mechanicsburg, PA 17055


Over the past 14 years I have been conducting wetland investigations, along with threatened and endangered species investigations throughout Pennsylvania. I attend yearly training courses to keep up with industry knowledge and techniques and complete numerous investigations for private, local, and state sponsored projects. Over the past year, I have completed approximately 80 wetland investigations, 30 Bog Turtle investigations, and well over 100 PNDI searches. I have not needed to conduct any botanical surveys due to the types of projects that I work on, typical bridge replacements, highway widening, intersection improvements and land development projects, either due to minimal project footprints, lack of species presence, or coordination efforts with DCNR reviewers. I am also a certified Professional Wetland Scientist.

All of PA


Jason F. Paulovich


Gibson-Thomas Engineering Co., Inc.

1004 Ligonier Street, Latrobe, PA 15650


BS Degree in Environmental Science, Allegheny College, 1998, and have been employed by Gibson-Thomas Engineering since 1998. Throughout my entire career I have conducted wetland delineations, plant surveys for PNDI hit resolutions and field verifications.

All of PA


David H. Graff, PWS, CSE, CWB


Gannett Fleming, Inc.

207 Senate Avenue, Camp Hill, PA 17011

717-763-7211 ext 2073

I have 20 years of field experience as an environmental scientist and have conducted and submitted several botanical surveys and inventories to DCNR over the years. My most recent coordination was with Bud Sechler for surveys done along the Northeast Extension of the PA Turnpike. We identified pinelands pimpernel, cloud sedge and conducted inventories. Education: BS, Environmental Studies, Stockton University; MAED Degree, Environmental Studies Education, Arcadia University. Additional training includes Winter Botany, Vegetation Identification for Wetland Delineation, Rutgers, The State University of NJ; Wetland Delineator Certification and Preparatory Training, Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC); Habitat Evaluation Procedures (HEP) Certification, Virginia Polytechnic and State University/U.S. Geological Survey-Identification of Freshwater Wetland Sedges, Grasses and Rushes, Institute for Wetland and Environmental Education and Research, Inc. Professional Registrations include Professional Wetland Scientist (PWS), Society of Wetland Scientists: No. 1385; Certified Senior Ecologist (CSE), Ecological Society of America Certified Wildlife Biologist (CWB), the Wildlife Society

All of PA


Loree Speedy



279 Orr Road, West Newton, PA 15089


I have been performing surveys for PA-listed plants since 2005. I am familiar with the flora of PA. I have taken numerous workshops to advance my botanical skills. I am on the Ohio and West Virginia lists of person qualified to survey for USFWS T&E species.

All of PA


Sarah Parker


Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc.

4000 Triangle Lane, Export, PA 15632


I have over 10 years of experience conducting botanical surveys for various species in Pennsylvania.

West; Northwest; Southwest; Southcentral PA


Erin Matthews


Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc.

4350 Northern Pike, Suite 141 Monroeville, PA 15146


I've performed and prepared DCNR reports for presence/absence and habitat assessment surveys for several linear projects throughout every year for the past five years as a consultant. When a population was identified, I assisted my clients with routing around identified populations and avoiding any potential habitat. I also work closely with the Carnegie Herbarium in Pittsburgh, submitting multiple voucher specimens of rare, threatened, endangered, or species of concern when appropriate. I make a point to attend and plan various hikes and collaboration sessions with other botanists of consulting agencies, the Botanical Society of Western Pennsylvania, master gardeners, and county conservation districts to continually educate myself and others outside of a textbook setting. While performing other surveys outside of Pennsylvania, I make a point to familiarize myself with southern and western species in states that share their boundary with Pennsylvania.

All of PA


Daniel Welte



2350 Lambs Gap Road, Enola, PA 17025


I have been a permit holder for 10 years. I have done numerous wetland delineations, plant surveys and wildflower walks.

All of PA


Anthony Silva


Dubois & Associates, LLC

190 North Main Street, Manahawkin, NJ 08050


Sr. Biologist/Environmental Scientist, Dubois & Associates, LLC 2014 - Present

East; Northeast; Southeast PA


Autumn M. Thomas


Amy Greene Environmental

4 Walter E. Foran Blvd., Suite 209, Flemington, NJ 08822


Regularly perform Species of Special Concern and their habitat surveys in accordance with DCNR Protocols for Conducting Surveys for Plant Species of Special Concern as a Senior Environmental Scientist/Ecologist/PWS at Gannett Fleming for various clients in order to address PNDI hits and secure proper permits for the proposed projects.

All of PA


David M. Kunz, MS, PWS


Amy S. Greene Environmental Consultants, Inc.

4 Walter E. Foran Blvd., Suite 209, Flemington, NJ


I am a Senior Project Manager with Amy S. Greene Environmental Consulting, Inc. and a certified Professional Wetland Scientist (PWS) specializing in vegetation and botanical surveys. I have been performing ecological and botanical field studies since 1998 for private and public sector clients. I am highly experienced at performing targeted rare plant surveys and full floristic inventories; field botany; rare plant ecology; wetland ecology; vegetation sampling and analysis; floristic quality assessment; and wetland assessment, restoration, monitoring, delineation, and regulation. I have maintained consecutive Pennsylvania Wild Plant Management Permits since 2012 and I am regarded as a Qualified Northeastern Bulrush Surveyor and a Qualified Small Whorled Pogonia Surveyor by the US Fish and Wildlife Service -Pennsylvania Field Office. I have also worked extensively with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and am highly skilled at aerial photographic interpretation. I have led hundreds of botanical surveys for federal and state-listed rare, threatened, and endangered plant species and have worked on a multitude of projects enabling clients in transportation, electrical transmission, and pipeline development and operation to achieve their objectives by avoiding, minimizing, or mitigating for impacts to various natural resources. My experience has included field studies/surveys within multiple ecosystems across multiple states including New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, Delaware, North Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia listed in order of experience.



Kimberly Bartos


Michael Baker International

100 Airside Drive, Moon Township, PA 15108


I have had my wild plant permit since 2011 and conduct surveys throughout the years as part of my job.

Southwest PA


Tim Block


Morris Arboretum of the University of Pennsylvania

9414 Meadowbrook Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19118


MS and PhD in Botany; coauthor of multiple books on the flora of PA; decades of botanical surveys and research projects in PA

All of PA


David Bonomo


Environmental Consultation Services, Inc

24 Glen Oaks Lane, White Haven, PA 18661


Mr. Bonomo has 15-years of environmental consulting experience which is extensive in conducting Wetlands Delineation, Flora/Fauna Threatened and Endangered Species Surveys, PA; Chapter 105 Environmental Assessments, Ecological Assessments, Freshwater Macroinvertebrate Stream Surveys, and Wetlands Mitigation/Restoration.Continuing Education1. Breaking up the Carex Monster, Carex identification Workshop, David Werier Instructor, State College, PA. November 2, 2018.2. Aster and Goldenrod Identification Workshop by Dr. Timothy Block, Drums, PA. September 22, 20153. Grasses, Sedges, and Rushes by Sarah Chamberlain, Canoe Creek, PA. August 20, 20154. Demystifying Pennsylvania Violets by Dr. Harvey Ballard, State College, PA. November 7, 20145. A Consulting Botanist Workshop, Morris Arboretum, Philadelphia, PA, April 18, 2014PA and NJ Botanical Surveys: Wild pea Lathyrus ochroleucus Eared-false foxglove Agalinisauriculata, Northeastern bulrush Scirpus ancistrochaetus, Swamp dog hobble bush Leucothoe racemosa, Swamp pink Helonias bullata, Knieskern's beaked rush Rhynchosporaknieskernii, Twin flower Linnaea borealis, Spreading globeflower Trollius laxus, Carexfava, Carex shortiana, Prickly pear cactus Opuntia humifusa, Racemed milkwort Polygala polygama, Small whorled pogonia Isotria medeoloides, Nuttall's ticktrefoil Desmodium nuttallii, Quill fameflower Phemeranthus teretifolius, Mountain bugbane Actaea podocarpa, Wild gooseberry Ribes missouriense, Shale barren Evening primrose Oenothera argillicola, Serpentine aster Symphyotrichum depauperatum, Small's ragwort Packera anonyma, Torrey's rush Juncus torreyi, Netted chain fern Woodwardia areolata

All of PA


Stephen Dadio


Value Engineering, Inc

513 Butttonwood Street, Perkasie, PA 18944


I am a consulting environmental scientist, published researcher and adjunct professor at Delaware Valley University in Doylestown (Bucks County). I complete wetland delineations, geomorphological evaluations, and soil evaluations for agricultural and environmental land uses throughout PA and surrounding states. I have a BS in agronomy from Cornell and MS in soil science from Penn State and have 21 years of professional experience.

All of PA


Dorothy Daly


STV, Inc

1818 Market Street, Suite 2300, Philadelphia, PA 19103


Landscape architect, have been conducting surveys for DCNR. Conduct arborist surveys in NY as ISA Certified Arborist.

All of PA


Jason Harkcom


The Markosky Engineering Group, Inc.

3689 Route 711, Ligonier, PA 15658


I have been conducting botanical field surveys since 2000 and have held wild plant management permits in 2004, 2007, 2009, 2010-2017. I'm a USFWS qualified survey for Trifolium stoloniferum and Isotria medeoloides in West Virginia.

All of PA


Kyle Helal


Atlas Technical Consultants

270 William Pitt Way, Pittsburgh, PA 15238


I graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a degree in Environmental Studies in 2007. I have been conducting wetland delineations, including plant identification, and botanical surveys for different environmental consulting firms for approximately 8 years. I have received my 36-hour USACE wetland delineation certification, and I have attended several workshops on fall plant ID, most recently a 2015 winter woody plant symposium at Penn State's arboretum.

West; Northcentral; Southwest PA


Wyatt Jackson


Tetra Tech Inc.

661 Andersen Drive, Suite 200, Pittsburgh, PA 15220


I am a recent graduate of SUNY Brockport where I studied environmental science and worked in the plant ecology lab. Through my summer work in the lab I have conducted inventories of plants in a variety of different communities. For the past six months I have been working at Tetra Tech in the Pittsburgh office where I have been conducting wetland delineations and botanical surveys with senior members. Lastly, plant identification is a favorite hobby of mine, and I am always practicing and getting better in my spare time.

All of PA


Jason McGuirk


Tetra Tech Inc.

661 Andersen Drive, Suite 200, Pittsburgh, PA 15022


I have been a wetland scientist preforming botanical surveys including endangered and threatened plant species for the past nine years.

All of PA


Richard Mellon


Mellon Biological Services LLC

200 Flint Court South, Yardley, PA 19067


Recognized expertise in threatened and endangered species; vascular plants and vertebrate animals of the Mid-Atlantic Region; habitat requirements of native and alien plants; habitat classification; flora and fauna surveys; natural areas analysis, design and management; wetland delineation, mitigation and permitting. On the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service List of Botanists Skilled in the Location and Identification of the Northeastern Bulrush Scirpus ancistrochaetus. Completed dozens of Endangered Species Plant Surveys for developers and engineers and approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. Habitat requirements database development. The development of a database of habitat requirements for native plants and animals of the Mid-Atlantic region, including soil chemistry, geology, biological components and physical characteristics.

All of PA


Brandon Meyers


Herbert, Rowland and Grubic, Inc.

369 East Park Drive, Harrisburg, PA 17111


I have been an environmental scientist for HRG for over 13 years. My main duties consist of wetland delineations, wetland mitigation design and permitting. As such, I have spent many hours in the field identifying both wetland and upland plant species for delineation purposes.

All of PA


Jeffrey Mihalik


Copperhead Environmental Consulting, Inc.

931 Royal Court, Canonsburg, PA 15317


I have been conducting plant surveys as a wetland scientist for over 20 years. Pennsylvania surveys include the endangered 4 angled spike rush Eleocharis quadrangulate, two Pennsylvania threatened and or rare species the white trout lily Erythronium albidum and the snow trillium Trillium nivale all of which were located and documented at a wetland mitigation site. I have attended numerous workshops and trainings throughout the east and southeast regions, having recently completed the Ohio RBC training and subsequently placed on the approved surveyors list for Ohio. I hold a MS in biology and have taken classes in forest soils and hydrology, and aquatic vascular plants which have greatly assisted in my wetland plant identification skills.

All of PA


Benjamin Moorhead


HDR Engineering, Inc.

301 Grant Street, Suite 1700, Pittsburgh, PA 15219


10+ years of experience identifying plants and leading wetland delineations

All of PA


Sherrie Moyer


26 Locust Grove Road, Bainbridge, PA 17502


I have a BS in Biology with a concentration in Botany. I have experience conducting vegetation surveys and inventories, including those for Threatened and Endangered plant species, for the Pennsylvania Department of Military and Veterans Affairs.

Southcentral PA


Chris Neidhardt


The Thrasher Group, Inc.

600 White Oaks Blvd.,PO Box 940, Bridgeport, WV 26330


I have 8 years of experience in performing wetland delineations throughout Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia. I have gained extensive plant identification knowledge and techniques due to the varying habitats I have encountered throughout my career as an Environmental Scientist. I have performed multiple botanical surveys of the East Greene South Project PNDI Number 651410 and Herminie North Project PNDI Number 651409 under the guidance of Ms. Karen Johnston of Skelly & Loy, Inc. Wild Plant Permit No. 18-017 in the fall of 2018 and Ms. Gina Panasik of The Thrasher Group, Inc. Wild Plant Permit No. 18-655 in the spring of 2019.

West;Southwest PA


Jeff Polonoli


GAI Consultants Inc.

385 E. Waterfront Drive, Homestead, PA 15120


1993 to 1996 John Franklin Herbarium Staff, California Univ. of PA / 1996 to 1997 Field Botanist, Missouri Dept of Consv. / 1997 to 2003 Plant Recorder acting Curator of Plant Collections, Phipps Cons. and Botanical Gardens / 2011 to Present Environmental Consultant - Botanist GAI consultants.

West;Northwest;Northcentral;Southwest;Southcentral PA


Crystal Roemer


Michael Baker International

100 Airside Drive, Moon Township, PA 15108


I've spent extensive field-time through work, education, and as a hobbyist identifying species throughout Pennsylvania. I have earned a Bachelor of Science Environmental Science; Biology through Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. Relevant undergraduate and graduate coursework: wetland ecology, ecology, botany, biogeography, soils and other geology, and taxonomy. Additional training: Naturalist and ecology training at Asbury Woods Nature Center (volunteer naturalist), Soil Science (ASWM), 38-hr USACE Wetland Training (Swamp School), PA Master Naturalist Core Training, Invasive species (Erie - TREC), Winter Tree Identification (Swamp School), numerous webinars and in-person activities offered by nature centers and other non-profits. Employment: University Botanist Assistant - Greenhouse care of native Pennsylvanian and exotic plants, plant taxonomy, and dissection for exams. As an environmental scientist, I've performed botanical surveys for leaf-cup, whorled pogonia, sourwood, snow trillium, purple rocket, four-angled spike-rush, and white trout lily.

Northeast;Northwest;Northcentral;Southwest;Southcentral PA


Robert Michael Slater


4411 New Holland Rd, Mohnton, PA 19540


I have been botanizing in PA for over 40 years. I am past President of the Muhlenberg Botanic Society of Lancaster PA and and a life member of the Philadelphia Botanic Club. I have been on many botanic field trips with these groups including leading trips for the Muhlenberg Botanic Society. I have a B.S. in Biology from Allegheny College in Meadville PA and that included a Botany course. I participated in a Natural Heritage Program seminar several years ago at the PA State museum on collecting Botany specimens and surveying for the PNDI program with instructors including John Kunsman and Dr. Timothy Block. I have collected, pressed and mounted many specimens of non-rare plants for biology classes at Reading Area Community College where I worked for nine years until June 2018 when I retired.

All of PA


Shane Stauffer


Michael Baker International

100 Airside Drive, Coraopolis, PA 15108


This spring will mark my 4th year of conducting botanical surveys alongside of two certified threatened and endangered plant surveyors in the state of Pennsylvania. During this time, I have investigated linear projects such as oil and gas pipelines 300 foot corridors, as well as larger well pad areas. Pennsylvania species surveyed include; Single Headed Pussy Toes, Yellow Passion Flower, Wild Senna, Yellow Leaf-Cup, Nuttalls Hedge Nettle, Snow Trillium, and Tall Larkspur. Additionally, I have investigated the presence of pink lady slipper in the state of OhioI currently serve as Michael Bakers lead wetland scientist. I am a certified wetland botanist through the Swamp School, LLC, and have completed the Plants of the Wetland Boundary - Northeastern Region Identification program through the Wetland Training Institute. I have been featured on the Rachel Carson Trails Conservancy website for my botanical studies along Wexford Run in southwestern PA. This work entailed a study throughout an entire growing season of wetland function and its relation to the abundance of wetland favoring plants including any T/E classification

All of PA


Gregory P. Stevens


Stell Environmental Enterprise

600 Eagleview Blvd 300, Exton, PA 19341


8 years wetland field lead. Conducted surveys for 25+ flora and fauna.

All of PA


Hannah Toth


Ecotune Environmental Consultants

215 Executive Drive, Suite 204, Cranberry Township PA 16066


Numerous wetland delineations including plant identification to species, wetland mitigation, stream mitigation and stabilization, slope stabilization and slip repair, planting plans, monitoring. B.S. in Environmental Biology

All of PA


Matthew Updegrove



715 Washington Boulevard, Williamsport, PA 17701


8+ years working as an Environmental Scientist/Biologist. I currently am employed as a Senior Biologist leading wetland delineation efforts for multiple utility, Transportation, energy and land development projects across Pennsylvania and the east coast. I have attended multiple plant ID courses over the past several years from the Wetland Training Institute, Swamp School and Environmental Concern.

All of PA


Wes Wolf


GAI Consultants, Inc.

385 E. Waterfront Drive, Homestead, PA 15120-5005


BS Biology, undergrad courses in field botany, plant physiology, wetlands plant id, graduate work in wetlands botany. Over 34 years in the field studying wetlands systems and conducting field surveys for plant and animal species.

All of PA


David Wood


WHM Consulting, LLC

2525 Green Tech Dr. Suite B., State College, PA 16803


Conducting field surveys for DCNR and USFWS RTE plants. Conducting monitoring for Scirpus ancistrochaetus. PNDI coordination. Wetland delineations/monitoring.

All of PA


Jason J. Mease


Valley Environmental Services, Inc.

3282 Hope Drive, Emmaus, PA 18049


I am co-owner and full-time Principal Wetland Scientist at Valley Environmental Services, Inc. Wetland delineations, permitting and associated threatened/endangered species habitat evaluations/searches are big part of my business. On average, I perform wetland delineations/determinations on approximately 15 different sites each month. As part of the Corps 1987 Wetland Delineation Manual and applicable Regional Supplements plant identification across all strata (trees, shrubs/saplings, herbaceous, and woody-vines) is 1 of the 3 primary components in determining the presence/absence of regulated (jurisdictional) features. During my 17-year tenure in the field of Environmental Consulting and nearly 8-year tenure as a full-time wetland scientist I have completed countless delineations and numerous threatened/endangered flora habitat evaluations and/or plant searches in response to PNDI hits . As part of my required professional continuing education requirements I participate in many plant-related seminars and/or complete plant related courses (e.g. plant identification, aggressive/invasive control, riparian restoration).

East;Northeast;Northcentral;Southeast;Southcentral PA


Courtney Papinchak


Lotus Environmental Consulting, LLC

3552 Gettysburg Road Suite 200Camp Hill PA, 17011


My botanical experience includes undergraduate and graduate courses in ecology, field botany, and plant taxonomy. My Master's thesis at Shippensburg University included botanical surveys in wetlands. I have over five years of experience as an Environmental Scientist conducting wetland delineations, wetland monitoring, and botanical surveys. Relevant trainings include PAPSS Wetland Delineation Training, A Botanist's Toolkit, The Pennsylvania Botany Symposiums, and Goldenrods and Asters Identification Training with Ann Rhoads.

All of PA


Sara Madison Keddie


Civil and Environmental Consultants, Inc.

333 Baldwin Road, Pittsburgh, PA, 15205


Ms. Sara Keddie is an ecologist/botanist with CEC. She has two years of experience leading wetland delineations, vegetation monitoring for mitigation banks, and conducting threatened, endangered and rare plant surveys, along with invasive species surveys. She has observed and documented two federal and 10 state listed plants; three of which were viewed in Pennsylvania (Passiflora lutea, Symphyotrichum drummondii, and Tripsacum dactyloides). Other listed plants were viewed in WV, MI, and NC. All listed plants were observed with other wild plant management permit holders (Kyle Filicky, Chris Imbrogno, and Michael Takacs).