Create and Submit a Project

This is what you need to do:

  1. If new to Conservation Explorer, register for an account. If you had a PNDI account and ran a PNDI search in the last four years, your account has been migrated to the Explorer. Instructions for activating your account are here.
  2. Log in with your e-mail address and password.
  3. Click on the Map tab and zoom to the area of interest on the map. Hint: hold down the Shift key and drag a box.
  4. If necessary, Switch Basemap to the desired reference map.
  5. Click on the Create Project button.
  6. Select the Project Type from the menu provided.
  7. When zoomed in close enough, draw the project footprint, using the draw/edit tools. Hint: double-click to finish drawing.
  8. Click Accept. Note: You can preview the project screening area and compare it with the locations of environmental review polygons.
  9. Add a project title and description.
  10. Click Submit for Pre-Analysis.
  11. Answer any required questions and click Submit.
  12. If necessary, pay the $40 fee with Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover Card. Note: You only need to pay once per project. If acting on behalf of a government agency, you may qualify for exemption. Click Contact Us to apply.
  13. When the PNDI analysis is complete, an email message will prompt you to visit My Projects to view the receipt. You may have to wait several minutes for this email.
  14. Click on My Projects and click on the project title near the top of the page. Note: if you have not created a project yet, this page will be blank.
  15. Click on Receipt File (pdf) to review the receipt. Note: you must finalize your receipt to create an official copy for DEP and submit your project for review (if necessary). This is one of the most important steps!
  16. Click on the Edit Details/Finalize button. Upload any documents (if requested) in the receipt using the Choose File button.
  17. When all is ready for final submission, click Submit Final Receipt for Review. Note: It may take several minutes and a page refresh (F5) for the final receipt file to be generated.
  18. The project will automatically be sent digitally to any agencies with a potential conflict on the receipt. Note: if there are no impacts noted on the receipt, there will be no agency review required.